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Gas line

Propane or Natural  Gas

There are two options when it comes to getting gas—a propane tank or natural gas line (supplied by your city, or local utility). Typically, there are fees for getting started with natural gas, whereas the only costs for propane will be the installation, or gas conversion, and the cost of gas itself.

Retrofitting an Existing Gas Supply

If you want to connect gas to a new appliance then having an existing gas supply will likely reduce costs. However, it depends on the location of the existing piping as well as the capacity of that piping to add another appliance. If the line wasn’t set up to handle another appliance then a certified gas fitter will need to locate the origin of the gas to your house and run the new piping from there. Extending a gas line even just a couple feet without being sure it’s set up for it can be ineffective and dangerous.

Establishing Your First Gas Supply

If your house doesn’t currently use any gas, or you’re building a new home, then you need to set everything up from scratch. If you prefer propane then you’ll set up the propane tank, run the appropriate piping to your home and fill the tank with gas. If you’d rather use natural gas, establish an account with your local natural gas provider, and get piping from the provider’s gas line to your home.

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