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Bathroom Plumbing 

Remodels & Repairs by Expert Technicians

We know how important it is that the plumbing in your home’s bathroom functions flawlessly. That’s why Wr offer you a range of affordable and professional bathroom plumbing services throughout San Bernardino County. 

The Perfect Bathroom for Your Home

We want all of our customers to have the bathroom of their dreams, and we are ready to help make that dream a reality. We know you likely have many hopes and goals for your new bathroom, and we will work with you to get your plumbing working and looking its best.

 Issues that could impede the process:

  • Water accumulating in the bottom of your tub or sink

  • Toilets that take a long time to fill up

  • Leaks throughout the bathroom

  • Mold or mildew spots

  • Pipes with rust or corrosion


Backflow Certification and Testing

Backflow refers to the flow of water in your main plumbing line being reversed. Backflow can occur when there is an interruption in service or the water pressure is reduced. Properties with backflow issues can be exposed to harmful chemicals and bacteria, so it’s important to have a skilled  plumber address the issue right away. Our technicians conduct backflow testing to assess the situation and implement backflow certification by installing backflow devices to prevent malfunction.

Clogged Toilet Emergencies

Nearly every homeowner will face a clogged toilet at some point in time. Clogged toilets are a common emergency that requires quick attention from an experienced plumber. We have over 25 years of experience fixing clogged toilets. Clogs may be caused by too much toilet paper, a non-water soluble item, or even a foreign object that was accidentally flushed.

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