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septic tank 

How much does it cost to pump a septic tank?

On average, a septic tank pumping is going to cost $200-$400 dollars.

The price is based on:

  • Size of the tank.

  • Location for access

  • If we need to find the tank.

  • If the tank is accessible, ready to be pumped or any additional labor is necessary to expose the access lid prior to pumping.

How do I Locate my Septic Tank?

In some cases you can go to the city/county and request site plans of the home that may outline where the septic tank is located. If plans are not available it may help to ask a neighbor or the previous owner of the home. Without this information it may be very difficult to find the septic tank on your own.In any case, if you can’t find the tank don’t panic. We have the equipment to find your tank, guaranteed! Using an inline camera, we can see in your pipes and run the camera all the way to the tank. Using a Locater (very similar to a metal detector) we can locate the exact location of the camera and also calculate the depth.

Once the septic tank is found, the lids must be dug out. Septic tanks are usually 2-5 ft under the ground, and they have two lids approx 2′ in diameter. If you know the exact location of the tank. We will dig and expose the lid for free if it’s less than 6″ deep.

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